Buy 250KVA FG Wilson Generator sets in India

A subsidiary of Caterpillar Inc., FG Wilson generator is trusted in more than 150 countries. Founded in 1966 in Belfast, Northern Ireland the generators produced soon became the most sought after units throughout the world.

With manufacturing facilities around the world, the FG Wilson has OVN Trading Engineers as the major dealer in India. Established in 1949, OVN is the leading company in the field of Power and Pumping Solutions.

We have more than 15,000 customers and are known for our excellent customer service. Our highly trained employees and engineers make it possible to trust and prefer OVN generators and services over other brands in the market.

From assisting with answering the queries to pre-sales to sales and lifelong service after the sales, OVN emphasizes on the importance of keeping the customer happy by providing high-quality service for the products they purchase from us.

The dealership of FG Wilson enables us to sell the best diesel and gas generators to our customers. The generators are famous for their quality, reliability, and durability. We deliver super silent diesel generator sets ranging from 10KVA to 200KVA. The generators are designed keeping in mind the tough working conditions to sustain damage and resist corrosion. The generators are also weather resistant and produce optimum power in all kinds of conditions.

Easier to maintain, the FG Wilson generators have 50 years of experience in supplying uninterrupted power when used. The generators are also highly efficient and cost-effective. These are best suitable for Indian markets.

A few other features that make FG Wilson generators are a favorite are:

  • 500 hours of Service Interval
  • Lube oil composition of 0.1%
  • Integrated fuel tank and silencer

Some of the sizes of FG Wilson generators are 10KVA, 20KVA, 30KVA, 62.5KVA, 125KVS, 200KVA, 1500KVA. The FG Wilson generators are used with highly important locations such as data centers, airports, hospitals, factories, telecommunication network areas, etc. Buy fg wilson 250 kva generator to give a try.

The P250-5 diesel generator sets have a minimum rating of 230.0KVA/180.0KVA to a maximum rating of 250.0KVA/200.0KVA. With a speed of 1500RPM, the generators have an 8-hour fuel tank capacity and Perkins engine 1506A-E88TAG2.

At OVN, we will ensure that the customer will be educated about the benefits of each generator and help you in choosing the best generator that fits your requirements and budget. With branches in Delhi, NCR, Rajasthan, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh we are the only company which has a workshop to overhaul generators in Northern India. Moreover, we have service and dealer centers in almost all states of the country.

Our engineers will be available 24*7 to help you with the installation, maintenance, and repair of the generators. We have a specialized back end system where we keep up to date about the specifications of our customers’ generators to make sure the generators are serviced well within the time periods.

You can contact the nearest OVN service center to know more or visit our website. We have a live chat facility where our trained and efficient employees will help you. So, make a wise decision and buy fg wilson generators for your facility.

Peter Max – Making Pop Art Exceptionally Vibrant and Appealing Across the World

Pop art is a distinct form of expression, and it can be very colorful and vibrant. This form of art is popular among people across the world. It appeals to both the young and the old equally. The older generation remembers their favorite music bands when they see these posters; the younger generation loves to hang them on their bedroom walls or collect them as souvenirs. The best part of pop art is that it sticks to no language and can cross the boundaries of nations with its appeal and message.

Peter Max- spreading the love and passion for pop art

Peter Max is a well-known and much-respected figure in the world of pop art. He has been in the field for more than 50 years. He has created inspirational pieces of art around the globe. Agents from major museums and galleries always agree to the point that his exhibitions always have an overwhelming response from art lovers. He stole hearts with his patterns, styles and bold images across the world during his five decades of artwork creations. He has also worked on cosmic art where astronomical elements have influenced his work.

A childhood passion for painting

The love for art began in early childhood where his mom and dad encouraged him to pursue art. Ever since he has been creating outstanding pieces presenting them to the world. He is known to have been the mastermind behind some of the most iconic artwork pieces the world has ever since. He has been lucky to travel the world with his parents. He has lived in China, Israel, and the USA. His travels have inspired his works of art as well. He has trained under some of the best painters in the art world. His work is still an inspiration to both the present and the future generations who look up to his work as a painter.

More than just pop art

Besides pop art, he has painted the portrait of six Presidents in the USA till date. He has been the official artist for Grammy Awards, Super Bowl and other major events in the field of sports and entertainment. He is open to artwork on all surfaces, and he excels in color, themes, and diversity.  He is the man behind the music poster revolution that evolved in the 1960s to 1970s. Till date, his music posters are widely-sought after collectibles across the world. Despite being in the field of artwork for 50 years or so, he is still going strong and shows no signs of stopping. His Facebook profile has comments and likes from fans across the world. He is dedicated to his passion for art and painting. Every idea that comes to his mind gets transformed into an amazing form of art.

Besides art, Peter Max is an active environmentalist and creates works with messages to save and protect the environment. He also is a political activist and has created artwork with strong social messages. He spreads the message of recycling and the need to stop killing fishes and animals due to pollution.

7 Toasty Tips to Make Your Sleeping Bag Warmer

Buying a series of sleeping bags for all types of weather is relatively unheard of in Australia. For most of the year it’s quite warm and even winter can be pretty mild, however sometimes it does get really cold which makes our 3-season sleeping bag feel like a thin blanket. I’ve you’ve ever been camping on a rainy winter’s night then you probably spent a good couple of hourstrying to make your sleeping bag warmer. Maybe your sleeping bag has gotten colder over the years?

It’s important to remember that sleeping bags are designed to prevent the loss of heat as opposed to trying to warm you up. So how can you do this on a freezing winter’s night?Rather than buying a 4-season sleeping bag just for a few weeks of freezing temperatures, we’ve decided to give you our top 7 tips to make your sleeping bag warmer on frosty nights.

Wash your old sleeping bag

One of the most common reasons why your sleeping bag seems colder than it was before is because it needs a good wash. The more you use your sleeping bag, the more moisture and oils from your skin get caught and cause the stuffing to clump together which prevents the it from ‘fluffing up’. By washing your sleeping bag properly, it will easily puff up and trap more air to create a toasty barrier between you and the cold air outside.

Air mattress/sleeping mat

Another reason why you haven’t been able to warm up in your sleeping bag is because your ‘yoga mat’ style sleeping mat doesn’t provide enough insulation. The ground gets very cold on chilly nights so it’s paramount that you bring an air mattress or sleeping mat that has a decent R rating. The R rating measures how well the material insulates and you should aim for a sleeping mat with at least an R4 for cold nights.

Buy a thermal liner

Arguably the best way to warm up a 2 or 3-season sleeping bag is to buy a removable thermal liner. Not only can you use them when camping, but they’re also great to use in hostels when you’re unsure of the cleanliness of the sheets! When the conditions are colder than your sleeping bag’s rating, a silk or cotton thermal liner will quickly warm you up. Not only do they keep you warm, but they also keep your sleeping bag clean and can be removed when needed.

Wear thermals

Whenever you camp in cold conditions, you should always bring thermal underwear with you. Acting as a base layer, thermal underwear traps warmth directly against your skin and make an enormous difference in cold weather. It’s best to put them on at least an hour before you go to bed so your body is already warm once you get in your sleeping bag.

Water bottle

Cooking pasta for dinner? Instead of throwing out the boiling water, simply put it in a water bottle which you can place at the bottom of your sleeping bag to keep your feet (and body) warm. Don’t wait until you go to bed though, place the water bottle in your sleeping bag after dinner. You need to be careful not to kick the lid off in your sleep though, so ensure you close the water bottle tightly and place it inside a sock.

Hearty meal

Speaking of pasta, eating a decent meal for dinner will keep your body warm during the night as it uses energy to digest your food. Carbohydrates are the best food types to keep your body burning fuel throughout the night. Be careful not to eat too much though, and don’t add too much garlic to your meal or you could wake up with indigestion!

Body warmth

Body warmth has been used for thousands of years to keep people warm during the night, so if you’re camping with your partner, consider purchasing a double sleeping bag which will keep you both much warmer. Also, sleeping on your side minimises the amount of contact you have with the ground which reduces the level of heat loss.

It really doesn’t matter how old your sleeping bag is, or if it’s not rated for the conditions you’ll be sleeping in, the above tips will ensure you get the best performance from your sleeping bag so you can get a good night’s sleep on those frosty winter nights.

If you need any camping gear or equipment to make your next trip more comfortable (or warmer!), get in touch with the professionals at TJM Australia by phoning 07 3865 9999.


Purifying water may diminish the centralization of particulate issue including suspended particles, parasites, microorganisms, green growth, infections, organisms, and in addition decreasing the convergence of a scope of broke down and particulate issue. The standards for drinking water quality are ordinarily set by governments or by universal principles. These benchmarks for the most part incorporate least and greatest centralizations of contaminants, contingent upon the planned motivation behind water utilize. century should now be tried before figuring out what sort of treatment, assuming any, is required. Compound and microbiological investigation, while costly, are the best way to get the data fundamental for choosing the fitting technique for water purification. Eureka forbes ro service Delhi is the main centre for supplying water purification systems throughout the country as fast as possible.

Filtration process is done in following way:

Filtration is in fact characterized as the way toward isolating suspended strong issue from a fluid, by making the last go through the pores of a layer, called a channel. The most well-known precedent is creation of tea. While planning tea, a channel or a sifter is utilized to isolate tea leaves from the water. Through the strainer pores, just water will pass. The fluid which has acquired after filtration is known as the filtrate; for this situation, water is the filtrate. The channel can be a paper, fabric, cotton-fleece, asbestos, slag-or glass-fleece, unglazed stoneware, sand, or some other permeable material. Filtration is utilized in water treatment and sewage treatment.

The blends are of two primary composes: homogeneous and heterogeneous blends. A homogeneous blend is a blend that is uniform all through. A heterogeneous blend is a blend that isn’t uniform all through, i.e., elements of the blend is circulated unequally. Air is a homogeneous blend of various gases, including oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and water vapor.

Homogeneous blends are in some cases likewise called arrangements; particularly when it is a blend of a strong broke down in a fluid. A case of a heterogeneous blend is the blend of sand in water. On shaking, sand will remain undissolved and are conveyed unevenly. The sand particles gliding around which will in the end settle to the base of the jug makes it a heterogeneous blend. Distinctive sorts of channels are utilized to filter and to isolate these blends from the contaminants.

Filtration likewise assumes a job in water treatment. The procedure of filtration can turn into an expensive procedure with regards to water treatment and water purging. Support and absence of control can end up significant impediments of filtration. Likewise, water treatment channels are not managed by any wellbeing commission or division, so the viability of filtration and sanitization can differ broadly between makers. Be that as it may, channels have enough favorable circumstances to be utilized as a system of water treatment or filtration. Eureka forbes service centre toll free number Delhi is helpline number for solving out any problem in water purification system.